Tat Rat #5

Tat Rat #5
Tat Rat #5 is an 8-page, B&W mini-comic published by Cameron Forsley.

This mini-comic from Cameron Forsley tells the story of a penniless, crass, animated wedge of cheese that goes by the name of Cheese Face wet Dishraghead.  Cheese Face wet Dishraghead, being broke as he is, decides to rob a bank, but first he must get a gun, and what better place to get a gun then from a clueless wandering redneck that just happens to be nearby!  Cameron closes out this comic with a two-page spread featuring portraits of a dozen classic clowns.

Cameron's style of  illustration and his subject matter are both throwbacks to the early underground comix scene from the '60s and '70s.  The unconventional, non-conformist characters inhabit the seedy underbelly of society and reflect all the woes associated with that often ignored element of our population.  The line work, while utilizing a lot of crosshatching to render each panel, is packed with detail.  And all of the lettering appears to be done by hand.  Some of it is unique to the cheese wedge's dialog, but it's all easy enough to read.

This is a cool mini-comic that's well drawn in the old school underground style and that makes me dig it!  Find this mini-comic and more of the Forsley Brothers stuff at theforsleybrothers!

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