The Rats Were Bad That Year

The Rats Were Bad That YearThe Rats Were Bad That Year is a 20-page, B&W minicomic written by Alan King and illustrated by Jamie Vayda, published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

This comic tells the unsettling childhood experiences of Alan King (of Hellstomper and Polecat Boogie Revival), while living in a rat infested house. Seems some years ago when Alan was just a kid his family made a temporary move into a house while waiting to move into a permanent place.  Only thing is, that temp house already had residents…rats, and lots of ‘em!  Now if you’ve never lived in a place with rats in the wall, you really won’t understand what that’s like.  The late night gnawing, the quick movements you catch out of the corner of your eye, the tell-tale signs in the cupboards, the scurrying about when lights are flicked on.  Alan knows all about it and relates every unnerving detail to make the reader feel right at…home!

Jamie Vayda captures the inescapable dread a plague a rats brings to a home as he illustrates the furry fiends wreaking havoc on the King family, eating yard chickens, and standing sinister vigil over a sleeping baby in the dark of the night! 

Alan’s ability to so vividly communicate his personal reflections of the events, and his mom and dad’s trials to overcome their plight, accompanied by Jamie’s dynamic underground artwork make this little comic a real treat you can sink your teeth into!

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