White Buffalo Gazette

White Buffalo Gazette
White Buffalo Gazette, Spring 2014, is a 36-page Obscuro Comix & Art news zine with color covers and B&W interior, a little larger than digest size, and published by Buzz Buzzizyk.

The White Buffalo Gazette is a zine that is filled with indie art, indie comics, and indie comic listings.  The listings are numerous and arranged to share the page with spot illustrations, comics, or just serve as a nice, informative written break in the midst of obscuro artistry.  And the listings are really listings, no in-depth reviews of the publications.  Instead a brief description is given along with ordering info and vague suggestions as to how much money to send for each title.  I think the intent is to actually make contact with the creator and start some sort of dialogue to help build the community.

The layout of this zine works really well.  The brevity of the listings allow room for many publications to be included within the pages and all the information you need to order or contact is provided.  The obscuro art and comix laced throughout the White Buffalo Gazette give the reader a visual smorgasbord of styles to devour while they peruse the varied publications showcased in the issue.

Now the bad news, Buzz Buzzizyk writes in the forward of this issue that this is the final issue!  Yep, the rumors of the White Buffalo Gazette coming to an end have now come true.  Buzz writes "I really am putting the beast down for good."  So, unless something changes, this is the final issue.  I don't have any idea how many copies are still available or even where/how you can get 'em.  Try visiting http://buzzbuzzizyk.blogspot.com/ and good luck!


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