Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point is a 20-page, digest size, B&W comic with card stock covers. Written and illustrated by Spencer Hicks.

This comic is about a guy trying to clear his head following some sort of argument with his girlfriend. In the opening scenes the guy googles safe places to jog after dark and finds Inspiration Point. As he leaves the house his girlfriend is sleeping on the couch. Once at Inspiration Point the guy questions everything he observes, doubts himself and his relationship with his girlfriend, and agonizes over each little decision he makes. He does all of this while jogging and walking through Inspiration Point trying to figure out who in the relationship should apologize.

The subject matter of the comic is very easy to relate to, just a guy alone with his thoughts trying to make sense out of things. Something we’ve all done when confronted with a conflicting situation. I can personally identify with the myriad of thoughts going through the guys mind as he runs because the same happens to me when I run. The real neat thing about Inspiration Point is the way in which Spencer Hicks manages to tell the character’s story through his own thoughts and internal conversations with himself.

The layout is your standard multi-panel page break down condensing all of the action into five of six panels per page. The art is clean and simple with limited detail, however greater attention is paid to backgrounds. The power of the comic’s images come from their association with the text and overall meaning rather than the method in which they are rendered. The lettering all appears to be done by hand and is easy to read. The pacing of the story is well done and flows naturally from beginning to end as the character reflects on his situation and reveals more insight on the troubles that brought him to Inspiration Point.

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