Thinger Dingers

Thinger Dingers is a 24-page, digest size comic with colored recycled covers and B&W interior. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books. 

Thinger Dingers is a collection of comics by J.T. Yost previously published in comic anthologies. In this collection he presents several short stories about less than desirable roommates in a section titled Ruemates. Through the pages of Ruemates we’re introduced to a drug addicted gay porn actor; a lazy drama queen opposed to cleanliness; a loquacious, emotional, nuisance; and a pretentious host with a body oil phobia! We also get to meet an assortment of cats struggling with their own issues including partial paralysis and poor litter-box aim! 

Next up are a aeries of shorter pieces starting with Romantic Comedy, a voyeuristic piece that drops in on the small talk and day-to-day activities of birds and dogs! We’re then treated to Earl Bible, a cantankerous southern boy alter ego that appears during stretches of boredom or drunkenness. Then A Grave Error fills the pages with a tale of dead ringers and ice cream! The single page Square Won entry is a unique and interesting series of short strips that represent opposing interests in geometrical shapes. And closing out Thinger Dingers is Unappreciative Baby, a story about a baby that protest having to listen to songs and nursery rhymes that are based on repressive practices that were once considered acceptable. 

J.T.’s expressive free-flowing style makes this collection of stories fun and engaging as some appear to represent personal life experiences, while others are clearly contrived but just as entertaining nonetheless. The layout and flow of each story is easy to follow and the lettering remains consistent throughout. J.T.’s ability to convincingly depict a wide range of expressions really shines through in Thinger Dingers and gives the reader a true appreciation for what the characters are feeling. 

You can find your Thinger Dingers at and you’ll also find a sequel, Thanger Dangers!

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