The Two Faces of Poor Edward Mordrake

The Two Faces of Poor Edward Mordrake 

Edward Mordrake was born sometime in the 1800’s in England to an affluent family. Unfortunately for Edward neither his family’s wealth nor nobility could fix his one inescapable flaw, his “devil twin.” 

Edward was born with a deformity, the small head of a conjoined twin attached to the back of his own head. 

Edward and his “devil twin” as he referred to it were studied by doctors, but there was no means by which the twin could be removed without killing Edward in the process. With no other options, Edward lived his life in seclusion with his twin. 

Medical professionals and close family members said the twin resembled a young girl and even moved its lips and eyes, although without making a sound. Edward claimed she whispered vile and disgusting things to him at night while he tried to sleep, setting dreadful temptations before him. 

Finally, in his twenty-third year, Edward could take no more from his twin. Edward closed himself away in a room and killed his “devil twin” by taking his own life. His last request was that the “demon face” be destroyed before his burial “lest it continues its dreadful whisperings in my grave!” 

Art by WEE, Almost Normal Comics

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