Sancho Sheep

Sancho Sheep is a 16-page, standard size comic with color covers and B&W interior. Written by Gilbert Emilio Rodriguez and illustrated by Aaron Hazouri.

Sancho ain’t your average sheep, nope he’s a cocaine snorting sheep that can’t get enough blow up his nose! In a desperate search for more booger sugar, Sancho heads to Robby Raccoon’s place to get his fix. Everything seems cool until Sancho and Robby agree to run an errand for their supplier…then things go horribly wrong.

This comic reminded me of Peter Jackson’s movie Meet the Feebles. Where that flick showed us what was happening a few blocks off Sesame Street when the muppets weren’t on the clock, this comic shows us the seedy characters living on the fringes of the looney tunes’ cute and cuddly world.

The story unfolds nicely introducing the main character, Sancho Sheep. It then transitions naturally as supporting characters and plot twists are revealed, all leading to a cliffhanger setting up issue two!

The pacing of the story works great. Nothing seems rushed and the layout and use of panels compliment the storytelling. The artwork is polished and clean and strikes a good balance between the comically whimsical characters and the grittier background setting.

Let Sancho Sheep blow some C-dust in your face for a contact high at and

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