Tales of the World Famous Drive Thru Bud #3

Tales of the World Famous Drive Thru Bud #3 is a standard size, professionally printed, 28-page B&W comic with color covers published by Golden Frog Press. 

This is a collection of about eight different comics drawn by various artists. All of the stories, as you might have guessed from the cover, revolve around humorous situations about getting baked. 

The cover character Budzilla finds a good use for the damaged Fukashima power plant reactor towers. Then Chuey, a burro riding toker from south of the border, finds a surefire way to get past the border check point as he embarks on his sacred mission from the virgin Mary-Jane. Next an evil space lord launches an attack on the planet THC-420, and Baron Von Bongenheimer lights up with Puffy the Penguin. The rest of the comic follows Zippo the clown as he searches for his stolen stash, and Marvin Munchingham as he tries to satisfy his unquenchable munchies. 

A neat thing about this comic is that it’s a collection of comics by different artists and that means many styles are used throughout! Some of the stories feature artwork with polished, ultra-clean lines, while others have rough edges. Character depictions range from exaggerated rubbery cartoons to more representational drawings. Different approaches to layout are used by the different artists as are lettering techniques, but they all work well within their respective stories. The use of shadows and backgrounds also vary from story to story as some are highly detailed while others are more sparse. 

Overall, the art in each piece contributes to the reader’s ability to understand and follow the story, and makes the comic a fun, weed filled read from cover to cover! 

To get your fix stop by http://bit.ly/1AuaRlj and check out Drive Thru Bud on FB at http://on.fb.me/Yt9Sq0

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/WLLi27

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