Digestate is a 288-page, full size B&W/with color covers, comic anthology about food. More than 50 artists/writers contribute their stories of salivation to this massive collection. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

This compilation of comestible short stories is all about food! Sometime ago editor, publisher, and contributor J.T. Yost encountered a penguin in a fast food joint ordering chicken and the event had a life changing effect on him. The memory of that childhood experience ate away at J.T. and eventually led him to create Digestate, an anthology all about food. About eating food, preparing food, religious restrictions on food, ruining food, relationships between foods, and even a glimpse of the world from the food’s perspective.

The many participants in this collected work approach the subject from a very broad view. I’d guess that the majority of the contributors are vegetarians or vegans, but there are plenty of omnivores represented as well and none of the stories come across as smug. In fact most of the stories read more like personal experiences with food. Some are pleasant, some are not. Then there are others that take the subject to a whole different place, such as the tale of a guy with a taco head!

There are so many different contributors that I just can’t list them all, I do however encourage you to visit Birdcage Bottom Books and see for yourself who all is involved in this comic. It really is a who’s who of indie comics that will leave you gobsmacked with the range of styles! It has everything from polished, expertly crafted pages full of detailed and elaborate scenes, to somewhat rough and shaky layouts with crudely drawn characters. Whatever you hunger for in comics, you’re likely to find your appetite satisfied within the pages of Digestate!

You can sink your teeth into this smorgasbord of stories at Birdcage Bottom Books!

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1wXDS8F

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