The Uninteresting Adventures of the Loser King #4

The Uninteresting Adventures of the Loser King #4 is a 28-page, full color, digital comic written by Spencer Wile with Crispy Brown, Marvin Willix, and John Perez. Published by OC Comics.

There are a couple of different stories that make this comic up. The lead story is a short piece about a scraggy ragamuffin assistant manager of a waffle joint and the final story is a similar short tale. In between these two is the meat of the comic. The main feature is a strange and twisted yarn centered around the main character Marvin, his girlfriend Melissa, and Marvin’s cat, Mr. Meowgi, who apparently wore Melissa’s panties and that has caused some tension between the threesome.

As the story unfolds we find Marvin trying to make sense of the relationship between his girlfriend and cat while skateboarding…then the story starts to get really weird. There’s an army of tiny people, hostage taking, taste testing, a magician that makes genitalia disappear and more!

The artwork in this issue is carried out by a couple of different artists. Their styles are both somewhat rough with rubbery, grotesque features on exaggerated characters. Vibrant flat colors accentuate the cartoony look of the comic and together the coloring and line work combine to give the comic a uniquely underground quality. Backgrounds are given a lot of attention and loaded with detail that might be easy to overlook at first read. The overall layout of the comic works well and the pacing flows nicely but does take the reader for some roller coaster-like twists as the direction of the story makes a few dramatic turns. The lettering was easy to read and the narrative boxes and word balloons were well placed throughout the comic.

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