Eyesight #2 & #3

Eyesight #2 & 3 are each 20-page, digest size B&W comics written by Callum MacKenzie and illustrated by Alex Hood. Published by Eyesight Comix.

So this time I’ve decided to combine two issues of Eyesight into one review. If you aren’t up to speed on this comic, Eyesight is a horror fantasy story that takes place in a feudal society. There Lady Rett is protected by her mysterious, mask wearing bodyguard.

Last issue we got to know Lady Rett and her father, and we were given a glimpse of Lady Rett’s bodyguard. Then all hell broke loose and Lady Rett and her bodyguard de-assed the kingdom. Now with everybody apparently dead Lady Rett and the bodyguard take a magical walk in the desert and discover not everything is as it appears to the blind.

The covers represent the interior artwork pretty well. Lots of heavy shadows with plenty of hatching and crosshatching of detailed panels and backgrounds. One scene in particular really jumped out of issue two. The decapitation of a young girl drawn in silhouette. The scene stands out more for the way it was drafted rather than the shock value of the subject matter.

You can get your eye full of Eyesight at http://bit.ly/X4F6Cl

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1za7G6W

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