Chicken Outfit #2

Chicken Outfit #2 is a 38-page, full size, full color comic created by Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna. Published by Chicken Outfit Media.

Somewhere nestled in the frigid north among tall, shivering naked trees and frozen Wendigo carcasses there is a lonely man named Joe with an imaginary friend named Kirby. The two fill the empty space between their drug binges with writing and drawing comics about sex dolls, website design, and chicken fetishes. This is one such comic.

In this maniacal missive Rusty McDoodle and his little green buddy Stan are working in the porn industry, meanwhile the heavily bandaged Headcast is trying to figure out what his visions mean and Headcast’s buddy Billy is on a never ending pursuit for food. Meanwhile, the remains of Stan’s fully automated homicidal sex doll that he created, tested, and killed last issue have gone missing, and a trio of biker bitches have rode into this issue bringing horrors and sprouting wings and cold sores (harpies with herpes?). Now the only question is…why does Rusty remove his Chicken Outfit when he sleeps, but keeps his chicken gloves, boots, and hat on? And the other only question is, does Rusty sniff his fingers after scratching his private parts? There may be other questions.

The artwork in this comic is composed of precise and clean lines, vividly detailed backgrounds, and expertly colored pages. Hard to believe that so much talent and such a polished indie comic could come from such a deranged mind. The art style perfectly supports the bizarre characters and overall story. The page layouts flow from left to right and top to bottom just like my mama taught me to read! Lettering and word balloons and captions are in there too and all are handled nicely and contribute to the comic’s engaging and pleasing look.

You can get your greasy chicken eating fingers on Chicken Outfit #2 at Canzine Nov 1st, Horror-Rama Nov 1-2, and of course visit

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