Chewler is an 88-page, action comedy joint venture comic from Exspastic Comics and 5th Dimension Comics. It’s written by David Brown and Shannon Gretzon with art also by Shannon Gretzon and lettering by Sean Fagan.

The title character, “Chewler,” is a retired General with psychic abilities called out of retirement to undertake yet another dangerous mission. Prior to retirement the General had extensive experience with the paranormal and occult and that experience will come in handy as he and an accomplice set out to stop a reanimated Hitler from summoning extraterrestrial beings! Will humanity fall to little green men? How about squid faced aliens? Can Hitler be controlled with a shock collar? Will Steve the bear marry Woody if he finds out about the mechanical wiener? How do those Klan guys smoke with a hood on their heads? And why is the introduction of an anal probe always the catalyst for chaos?! …okay, maybe that last one answers itself, but the other questions and more remain!

Shannon’s artwork is a unique blend of traditional line drawing and mixed media digital patterns. The effect is a surreal canvas filled with fantastic characters thrown into unusual landscapes loaded with innovative visual shorthand. The layout and panel arrangement is just as creative, often times with the panels themselves becoming a part of the story rather than just framing it. David and Shannon’s writing is no less imaginative. The story begins by introducing the title character, his cat, and his other pet that is composed primarily of tentacles, and from there on things become increasingly more bizarre. As the strangeness of the plot unfolds the wit of the writers rises to the surface bringing a balance to the absurdity of the action. In addition to the art and writing, Sean delivers polished lettering that compliments the page compositions with clear, well placed speech balloons. That makes this a readable comic and those are the best kinds!

You can help General Chewler save humanity by enlisting in the Chewler Kickstarter Campaign at Who knows, you might even earn a campaign medal that you can wear when at your local veterans’ hangout kicking back a brew!

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