Chicken Outfit #1

Chicken Outfit #1 is a 32-page, full size, full color comic created by Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna. Published by Chicken Outfit Media.

In this, the inaugural issue of Chicken Outfit, a weird little green guy builds a fully automated sex doll and while putting the doll through its paces something goes terribly wrong. Elsewhere a friend of the weird little green guy is busy with some self loathing while wearing a chicken suit. Soon the two find themselves together in a diner commiserating with each other over their plights when they notice something…odd.

Are there darker forces at work? Is there something sinister lurking in the shadows? Will the fully automated sex doll be on the market soon?! And did the guy wearing the rabbit suit that I forgot to mention recover from his beat down? Lots of questions. One thing that doesn’t need to be questioned is the quality of this comic!

The first thing to grab you is the art. It’s spot on! Polished, clean lines render an absurd world made up of strange characters in a familiar, yet somewhat unbalanced city setting. Plenty of attention is given to the backgrounds to carry the mood of the comic and firmly establish the characters in their world. The layout flows nicely from page to page and compliments the timing of the story.

The writing like the art is top notch. The handful of characters introduced in this issue are developed to varying degrees of completeness. Some we can begin to grasp while others remain mysterious…it’s almost like you have to keep reading to learn more. And the underlying story line that connects everything is slowly revealed in hints that have yet to be completely exposed. Great use of rising action to hold the reader’s interest.

Now here’s the real Treat (and it ain’t even Halloween yet!), you can read Chicken Outfit for FREE at during the month of October (and that kiddies would be the Trick)!

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