iObject vs iSubject

iObject vs iSubject is a 28-page, full size B&W silent comic with color covers. Written and illustrated by Jacco de Jager of DonorBrain.

As the title suggest, this comic is about the philosophical subject-object problem. It was inspired by a performance that combined Oskar Schlemmer like costumes and Transformers with professional wrestling action. In this graphic interpretation a mysterious object from out of nowhere enters a woman, bestowing her with strange clothing and powers. This sets in motion a struggle with another, yet opposite woman supplied with similar dress and powers. As the two battle the subjective and objective each struggle to contain the other.

On the surface you could look at this comic as just a couple of chicks in weird costumes with nipple guns kicking butt and ripping off clothes, but you’d be missing a much deeper story. This really is a visual representation of the dichotomy of existence.

The visual style used throughout iObject vs iSubject is uniform figure and background outlines with weight added through hatching. The layout and pacing are handled nicely and merge well with the art to effectively communicate the story in this silent comic.

This ain’t your average indie comic, it’s an art comic with a deep philosophical question that demands more from the reader to fully appreciate the overall meaning of the images filling the pages.

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