Mini Comic Challenge 2014

Mini Comic Challenge 2014

One objective: 

Draw 12 pages of a comic in the month of November

Are you tired of getting bogged down and not getting anything started or even completed comic wise? Join the MCC group to share ideas and tips with other artists who are trying to get some work completed too.

*Gold star (12 or more pages)

You’re an absolute legend, just look at you go tiger! Move over Jim Davis.

**Silver Star (6-12 pages)

You’re doing ok, and you almost made it. Oh well, don’t give up, just a little further and you’ll have her beat.

***Bronze Star (1-5 pages)

You had a stab at it, got a bit done, but not as much as you would have liked. We think you’re still a champ though. Maybe give up TV and internet next time.

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