Nuestra Cosa

Nuestra Cosa is a 28-page, B&W comic with color covers written by Gilbert Emilio Rodriguez and illustrated by Joseph DeSantos.

This is a tale about the struggle for power and tension between three crime families. It opens with the action already underway as members of one family torture a member of another family to get information on a sum of missing money assumed to have been stolen. In an attempt to calm tempers and limit bloodshed a sit down is called for, bringing all of the families face-to-face at the table in an uneasy gathering. Ambushes, shootouts, treachery, and power tools all factor into the sinister plans hatched by the crime lords as they each battle for control of the crime syndicate.

The artwork is clean and smooth with gray washes used to give depth to the characters and backgrounds. The layouts capture the action sequences well and transition comfortably from panel to panel. The backgrounds are handled nicely with plenty of subtle details to establish settings and tie the backdrop into the story. The writing does its job in first establishing the main characters and then laying out the conflict between them. This issue is clearly an introduction to a much larger story that is only hinted at thus far, and ends with a cliff hanger that hooks the reader with the anticipation of an even more gory second issue. 

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