Hipster Killer

Hipster Killer is a 20-page, standard size B&W dark humor comic with glossy B&W covers. Written by Gilbert Emilio Rodriguez and illustrated by Paul Lapusan.

New York city is in the throes of a Hipster infestation. A secret boardroom of old white guys need a solution. Enter a long haired, muscle bound, sleeveless biker with a penchant for punching - the Hipster Killer!

Bullets go flying, blood goes spilling, yogurt cups get crumbled, open-air concerts are disrupted, and hipsters hit the floor like flies!

The artwork is mostly simple yet bold with fluid, weighty lines and lots of hatching and crosshatching. Details are kept to a minimum in the artwork but adequate enough to communicate what the reader needs to know from panel to panel. The plot is pretty straight forward and easy to follow. The title character is developed in sufficient enough detail to understand who he is. And the pacing of the story builds with the action as each page is turned!

You can get in on the hipster stomping action at http://on.fb.me/1GjXIRn

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1yU9Tzv

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