Invisible Journey: Chapter 1 Prime Transmission

Invisible Journey: Chapter 1 Prime Transmission is a 32-page, digest size, B&W comic with screen printed covers illustrated by Joe Marshall and written by Joe Marshall & Cassandra Wensel-Kanne. Published by Pork Chop Press.

In a very distant future where humans have evolved the ability to control energy with their intentions, a young apprentice receives a transmission that her elders must respond to. As the elders carry out the needed rituals, the apprentice must decide whether to continue her teachings or follow another path that calls to her.

This is the first comic in several years for artist Joe Marshall who has been focusing his talents on printmaking. In Invisible Journey Joe returns to illustration and delivers a comic full of characters immersed in the oneness of nature, controlling the energy of the planet from deep within an ancient mountain. Joe creates a vivid world with clean lines, detailed backgrounds, and expressive characters. In writing Invisible Journey, Joe and Cassandra neatly provide the background markers needed to contrasts the foreground elements and settle the reader into this opening chapter of his science fiction/hero adventure. Various characters are introduced as well as different energetic pillars of the earth that hold and separate the three worlds, setting up all sorts of possible directions for future chapters.

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