Tectonic Jelly #2

Tectonic Jelly #2 is an 80-page B&W digest size comic with color covers written and illustrated by Aaron Sullivan.

This is the second story in the three-story epic that is Tectonic Jelly. In this installment we take a mind expanding trip to the universal center as a simple janitor ventures into the unknown in an attempt to change history and right a wrong that has haunted him for a lifetime. Cosmic wormholes with worms, alien landscapes, and seekers of the universe’s creation all collide as the janitor’s journey takes him toward his goal.

The art is highly detailed with a lot of line work and gray washes giving weight to the characters and settings. The abstract backgrounds are accented with impenetrable pools of shadow that frame forbidding alien landscapes flowing across moody, dreamlike pages. The style used to render Tectonic Jelly really contributes to the atmosphere of the story and invites the reader to think about what is being told as they travel with the main character through this strange and thought provoking trip.

Explore the cosmos and learn the unknown origin of the universe in the pages of Tectonic Jelly #2 at http://bit.ly/1rTdCZK And learn more about Tectonic Jelly at http://bit.ly/1xRLfRr

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/12lbQdR

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