SATIRE #1 is a 36-page, standard size B&W, ADULTS ONLY comic with color covers. Written & illustrated by Ashler Bate and published by Anti-Hero Brand Press.

This first issue introduces us to the title character, a mask wearing, masturbating, possibly delusional guy with a penchant for violence. After waking and determining he is either looking out of a vagina or about to be shot by 007, SATIRE sets about his daily duties inside a house which include taking a hit from his bong and shooting at his pants affixed to the ceiling. As SATIRE goes about things others watch him on monitors in preparation for his anticipated exit from the house and onslaught of terror on the community.

The story unfolds nicely by balancing the bizarre antics of the title character with the observations of mysterious “agents” in some sort of control center. As the story moves back and forth between the two more details are revealed about SATIRE that begin to explain his behavior. This approach works well in building a background for the main character and establishing the setting for the story. The lettering and layout is handled skillfully and Ashler’s artwork is clean and expressive offering bold lines and deep shadows balanced with intricate background details that add depth and atmosphere to the pages.

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