Department of Zombie Defense (D.O.Z.D.) #s 1 & 2

Department of Zombie Defense (D.O.Z.D.) #s 1 & 2 is a 28/20-page, standard size comic with color covers B&W interior. written by Shaun Hayes and illustrated by Kip Mussatt.

I picked this up at the Tucson Comic Con and my interest in the comic was piqued when I learned the events in it were set in Arizona. Being a resident of the Grand Canyon state, I dig getting turned on to local/regional indie comics so I had to see what was between the pages! What I found in issue #1 was a counter terrorist team descending on a convention center to save hostages and neutralize the threat. After completing that mission the team gets called upon to put down a riot at a nearby prison. Once inside the prison walls the team discovers the threat they now face is a horde of undead, flesh eating zombies! In issue #2 the team gets recruited by a mysterious organization to continue their paramilitary assault on the undead, but first they have to be trained.

The story is told as a recounting of the warriors and events that saved humanity from an undead plague. The approach works well and lends itself to a limited series while building anticipation for the next issue. The artwork is simple and sketchy but effectively conveys the action and characters and settings are recognizable. The lettering was easy to read and placement of word balloons flowed with the direction of the action for the most part.

You can enlist in the Department of Zombie Defense at and

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