Smallbug Comics #1

Smallbug Comics #1 is a 24-page, digest size B&W humor comic written & illustrated by Charles Brubaker.

In this issue of Smallbug Comics we’re introduced to Koko and Marl, a couple of broomstick riding witches out for a good time! Their girl’s night out takes an unexpected turn when they end up dancing on stage in furry costumes. Thinking no one will recognize them because of the anonymity the costumes provide, the girls dance with abandon…then things go wrong!

Charles’ artwork is fun and lively with lots of expression and surprising attention to detail. Characters are drawn consistently, lettering is easy to read, and the layout transitions the action smoothly. In addition to the main story Charles also throws in three shorter tales, all written in a lighthearted style and culminating with a punchline ending.

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