The Railroad Killer

The Railroad Killer is a 32-page, standard size comic, with full color covers and grayscale interior. Written by Jaime “Jimmy” Portillo, pencils by Arturo Delgado, and grayscales by Danny Morales. Published by Jimmy Daze Comics and Death Moon Comics.

This comic has ties to Jaime Portillo’s Gabriel and Hell Paso comics. In Gabriel we’re introduced to a vampire feeding in the Juárez–El Paso area. In Hell Paso we’re taken back in time to the taming of El Paso and its dark history. In The Railroad Killer we meet an urban legend brought to life as a curious police officer recalls a disturbing event from his childhood and decides to find out once and for all if the haunting stories of his youth are true. What follows are a series of events that unwrap the mystery and brings the police officer face to face with his quarry… The Railroad Killer!

The Railroad Killer introduces a well developed new horror character with a solid background to explain its existence. The story is well thought out and delivered in such a way as to slowly unravel the mystery while introducing the title character. The pencil and grayscale work are clean and polished, and the page compositions and lettering all complement each other. I personally like the use of grays as opposed to color in horror comics. They seem to add an element of dread and foreboding. Maybe it’s just linked to my fond memories of B&W horror movies. The design of the title character is awesome! The Railroad Killer has a unique look all its own that captivated my interest and left me wanting to read and see more!

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