Blood and Batteries #1

Blood and Batteries #1 is a 16-page, standard size B&W comic with color covers written & illustrated by Mike Pigford.

On a barren planet where life threatening debris rains from the sky, young Endo dreams of one day escaping the wasteland he is stranded in and returning to his father on earth. While searching for salvageable junk that he can sell to help finance his getaway he makes a surprising discovery, a peculiar robot that appears to have some trace of emotion. Could this mechanical misfit help Endo make his return journey home? Is there more to the broken bot then meets the eye?

Mike Pigford lays out a dystopian world where humans scavenge for scraps among menacing machines in this Manga/Sci-Fi adventure comic. Mike’s artwork is dynamic and full of structure that establishes and carries the action seamlessly from panel to panel. His overall style might best be described as cartoony, balanced with bold and convincing attention to detail that fleshes out and brings a sense of realism to the page. Mike’s writing neatly explains the plight of the main character without dwelling on a lot of back story and introduces other characters and important elements as the tale unfolds. He effectively builds this first issue up to a cliffhanger that leaves the reader wanting more!

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