Mineshaft #31

Mineshaft #31 is a 56-page, digest size, B&W comic zine with color covers published and edited by Everett Rand and Gioia Palmieri. http://bit.ly/1GokSIw

There are a bunch of great stories and art packed into this issue of Mineshaft (just like previous issues I’ve read)! Jay Lynch and Robert Crumb throw the ink on the front and back covers (respectively). We’re also treated to excerpts from Crumb’s Dream Diary along with some sketches! Jay Lynch gives us an homage to S. Clay Wilson in the form of a far out two-page spread featuring the antics of Sturgis’ biker rally! In addition to those great pieces, Mineshaft #31 also serves up Bill Grifith’s iconic Zippy and his new comics Random Memories! Then there’s a collection of new sketchbook drawings from Art Spiegelman! And as if that all wasn’t enough, how about an expert from Billy Childish’s The Ward Porter and some of his woodblock prints of the Oakwood Mental Hospital?! But wait, that’s not all. You’ll also find even more great comic zineness from Christoph Mueller, Justin Green, Nina Bunjevac, Rika Deryckere, Aleksandar Todorovic, David Collier, Pat Moriarity, Tony O'Neill, Aaron Lange, & more!!!

The names of the artists featured in this issue of Mineshaft speaks for the quality and diversity of styles you’ll find. Mineshaft is a throwback to the glory of the underground comix scene and the more recent zine scene all bundled together and featuring new work from some of the most influential indie creators working today! If you dig the indie scene and cherish that old school counter culture style, then Mineshaft is the rag you’ve been longing for!

Get your mitts on Mineshaft #31 and back issues at http://bit.ly/1GokSIw

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1FY4wa6