The Adventures of El Diablo Azul #1

The Adventures of El Diablo Azul #1 is a 28-page, standard size B&W comic with color covers, written and lettered by Michael Waggoner and illustrated by David Johnson Jr., Mohamad Lubis, and Jesse Gutierrez, with colors by Cale Spencer III. Published by Comics United and Free Fall Press.

Michael Waggoner spins a yarn in three parts about a retired masked Mexican wrestler that suits up to do battle with a whole new kind of opponent…the paranormal! In this first issue of El Diablo Azul our hero, and title character, confronts a shape shifting witch in El Diabol Azul vs the Nagual, illustrated by David Johnson Jr. In To Love a Werewolf, illustrated by Mohamad Lubis, Michael pits El Diabol Azul against a love stricken werewolf! Then in Attack of the Waffle Man Jesse Gutierrez illustrates Michael’s story that brings our hero face-to-face with a militarily trained waffle man!

When I saw the cover of this comic I knew I was in for a treat. You see I grew up watching Luchador films on late night TV. Those great old movies that combined Sci-Fi and horror around the heroics of a masked Mexican wrestler, and this comic rekindled fond memories from that time!

The stories really capture the feel of the old Luchador movies that I remember. There’s plenty of action, elements of horror and Sci-Fi, and of course masked wrestlers! The art spans three very different styles, which allows each artist to take their own turn at interpreting the title character. Personally I enjoy this approach. It gives me (and you) the opportunity to visually experience the writer’s story through three different perspectives, and that really adds a serialized vibe to the comic that harkens back to its film genre roots!

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