The Strange Fungus in Mr. Winslow and Other Stories

The Strange Fungus in Mr. Winslow and Other Stories is a 36-page, standard size, full color comic written & illustrated by Jason E. Axtell.

The lead and title story is about a “special” guy named Gus. Gus takes a bicycle ride to work and has a seemingly minor accident. Following the accident some strange things begin to happen to Gus. Things that quickly spread! The next story in this comic is The Yeti. The Yeti is a short, visually striking tale set against a frozen landscape in the grasp of a snowstorm. Rounding out the trilogy of stories is an unnamed piece about a girl and a boy and unexpressed feelings.

The first and last stories share a more traditional illustrative style that the middle story (The Yeti) seems to veer away from in favor of a more obscured approach that fits in well with the storm theme that carries the action. The writing in all three is easy to follow and the lettering (which appears to be done by hand) is clear and well placed within the panels. I think what really pops in all three of these stories is the color. Jason’s palette and application of color establishes the mood in each tale. Through color he is able to create a sense of dread, isolation, and loneliness that connects the reader to the emotion of each story!

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