Fogel’s Underground Price & Grading Guide 2015-16

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Out Now: Fogel’s Underground Price & Grading Guide 2015-16

The 2015-16 Fogel’s Underground Price & Grading Guide Volume One includes over 9,600 listings (almost twice as many as the 2006 Guide). This rewritten edition has updated prices and detailed printing identification for the classic, latest, and newly discovered Underground Comix and Adult Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Alternatives, Independents, Small Press, and popular titles not covered by Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide. Articles include a grading guide, Zap Comix retrospective, art and photo galleries, biographies, and a market analysis.

Written by Dan Fogel with articles by M. Steven Fox, Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg, Robert Beerbohm, and others, in consultation with leading scholars and dealers, it features new art by Frank Stack, S.S. Crompton, and Randy Vogel, as well as reprinting nearly a thousand book covers.

“The new guide is REALLY impressive. Really worth the wait!” commented comics historian/retailer Bud Plant, and his seminal Bud’s Art Books Catalog review highlights “A cool full color section features the top UG artists surrounded by their typical comix titles, including Crumb, Shelton, Moscoso, Spain, Wilson, Robert Williams and Vaughn Bodé. A special article looks at the history of the seminal Zap Comix and its contributors."

FUGG Volume Two will document the Psychedelic Rock Posters, Tijuana Bibles, Counterculture Tabloid Newspapers and Fanzines, as well as updated International and Minicomix publishing info and prices.

The $39.95 softcover edition features 336 pages including 2 color sections; the $74.95 hardcover limited edition of 100 includes a book plate signed by Dan Fogel and Frank Stack. The “FUGG” is published by Hippy Comix and sponsored by the Bill Graham Archives at Wolfgang’s Vault.

Copies may be purchased from the publisher’s website or ordered from your local comic book store.

Meet the author and Midwest Underground Comix artists Saturday, June 27, at Tara Seibel Art Gallery, 12201 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, Ohio. Gallery info: (216) 375-0760.

Author Dan Fogel Bio
Author Dan Fogel is a leading authority and historian of Underground, Alternative, and Adult comic books. A comics retailer for 37 years, he’s an Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide Special Advisor. He is the author and publisher of the 2006 Fogel’s Underground Comix Price Guide, the industry standard for collectors and historians. His companies Fogelcomix, Hippy Comix, and Apex Novelties have helped keep classic Underground Comix art in print. His writing, editing, and publishing career began in the ‘90s with Larry Welz’s best-selling Cherry. Today, he is a comics retailer and publisher based in Cleveland, Ohio, and is the art agent for Dan O’Neill and Ted Richards of the notorious Air Pirates Studios, and the licensing agent for Dana Crumb Associates.


Publicist: Robert Gluckson
Phone (949) 295-2045

Author: Dan Fogel
Hippy Comix / Apex Novelties
2807 Silverdale Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44109-5528
Phone (510) 220-6314

Photo Credit and Caption: Author Dan Fogel and cover artist Frank Stack appeared at the 2014 Motor City Comic Con.

Photo by Michelle Zjaba

Cover Art:
Classic Underground Comix characters enjoy a new adventure from the pen of artist Frank Stack (Foolbert Sturgeon) on the cover of the 2015-2016 edition of Fogel’s Underground Price and Grading Guide.

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