30 Miles of Crazy - Another Round

30 Miles of Crazy - Another Round http://bit.ly/1Qxkj2B is a 78-page, professionally printed, perfect bound, digest size, B&W comic with full color covers, written and illustrated by Karl Christian Krumpholz.

Karl has gathered together a collection of his weekly webcomics documenting what he refers to as “ture-ish” stories. These short tales focus on the weird, funny, and strange experiences Karl has had, or equally odd experiences his friends have related to him. Drinking and walking about between bars seems to be a common theme that runs throughout these many slice of life (often low-life) anecdotes!

Karl captures the action in his stories with an angular art style that fills the panels and pages with clean, polished lines that have a rhythm that keeps perfect time with the narrative. Depth and weight are brought to the characters and backgrounds by a skillful use of varying gray tones and hatching. The great balance between lettering and art complements the story and nicely completes the overall composition!

You can walk the 30 Miles of Crazy at http://bit.ly/1Qxkj2B

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1Qxkj2C

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