One Last Day - Piece of Shit

One Last Day - Piece of Shit  is an 8-page, digest size B&W, silent comic created by Adam Yeater.

In this One Last Day tale Adam gives us a glimpse into the life of a guy that appears to only be concerned with escaping reality. He finds his relief at the bottom of a bottle or the end of a pipe. Through his self-indulgent pursuit he manages to hurt those that care about him and that just drives him deeper into his on misery and closer to his One Last Day!

Adam’s simple, expressive, and violently charged art always manages to showcase the gloomy subject matter of One Last Day in an aesthetically pleasing and entertaining way. Adam’s characters are comically contrasted against the bloody action that fills the story. His use of a cartoony, simplified drawing style makes the homicidal/suicidal theme of One Last Day a more palatable and darkly amusing comic than the subject would lead you to believe!

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