Ape-Men of the Apocalypse: Chapter One

Ape-Men of the Apocalypse: Chapter One http://bit.ly/1Yi6Ca8 is a 44-page, standard size, B&W, Sci-Fi/Fantasy comic with a full color, wrap around cover written and illustrated by Brad Dwyer.

Brad brings us an action packed, violent, Sci-Fi fantasy story that throws a little bit of everything at the reader! First off we’re transported to an alien world ruled by talking apes. The leader of the apes has a powerful little gnome from another planet helping to arm his ape army with advanced weapons! Humans are rising up and fighting the apes with androids under the leadership of the ‘40s era public domain hero Power Nelson, The Futureman! But wait, pulling this whole epic-saga together is a mysterious, consciousness jumping, galactic traveling, toad! Yeah, this is one trippy comic that will grab your imagination and not let go!

The pacing of the story is top notch. It moves from scene to scene flawlessly while nicely setting up and unfolding story arcs that keeps the reader engaged in the action while also explaining backstories. Brad’s artwork is also spot on! He illustrates the action in a bold and detailed manner that hearkens back to the outsider indie comic boom of the ‘80 & ‘90s that inspired Ape-Men of the Apocalypse!

You can get your stinking paws on Ape-Men of the Apocalypse at http://bit.ly/1Yi6Ca8 and see more from Brad at http://bit.ly/1P8Rwiy and at http://on.fb.me/1Yi6Cac

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1MVlCqN

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