One Last Day

One Last Day is a 12-page, digest size, B&W, silent comic with cardstock covers, created by Adam Yeater.

This installment of One Last Day finds our hero taking on the guise of a religiously inspired gun nut bent on killing as many innocent people as he can. Adam sets the stage by clearly revealing all the motivating forces necessary to give that final push to an already unbalanced mind: booze, bullets, religious text, and a gun. After a short prayer our delusional disciple goes about doing god’s work by thinning the herd of those he decides are ready to leave the land of the living.

With this issues Adam takes aim at the disturbing combination of guns and religion that seem to plague societies all around the globe, but have taken an unwelcome and permanently recurring place on the U.S. national stage. Adam also includes a few quotes addressing life, death, and violence that call attention to society’s responsibility in confronting conditions that breed violent acts…or at least that’s how I take ‘em.

As always Adam’s layout, pacing, and art are things of bothersome beauty, and that’s what makes One Last Day such a great comic!

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