Thirteen Sorrows of Ogner Stump

Thirteen Sorrows of Ogner Stump is a 12-page, full size, B&W comic written & illustrated by Andrew Goldfarb, published by Rocktopus! Books.

Ogner Stump and his freaky friends continue their bizarre barnstorm through the weird wilds of a loony land! During their prowl the gang run into She-Hag, an aging witch with poor eyesight. Through a series of mishaps Ogner Stump ends up regressing back to a baby. From there on the crew sets out on a quest to get Ogner back to his adult self. What follows is a collection of misadventures involving a bunch of walking and talking headless bodies and a giant spinning head!

Andrew’s artwork is bold and full of grotesque characters in outlandish landscapes! His unique technique really jumps off the page and establishes itself as a very personalized and appealing style! Andrew’s writing is clever and funny and guaranteed to take the reader into a world unlike anything they have experienced before!

You can follow Ogner Stump and Andrew’s other oddballs into the bizarrely beautiful world of Thirteen Sorrows of Ogner Stump at

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