You Don’t Get There From Here #36

You Don’t Get There From Here #36 is a 32-page, B&W, memoir minicomic in diary form written & illustrated by Carrie McNinch.

This issue covers Carrie’s life from Dec ‘14 to Mar ’15. During this time Carrie shares a collection of events including: visits with her little brother and sister-in-law; dealing with her father’s Alzheimer’s and memories of the man he once was; working on comics; eating; hanging out with her two talking cats; walking a former roommate’s dog; babysitting a toddler; eavesdropping on raccoon romance; voluntarily getting stuck with needles; being depressed; dealing with cat medical problems; exercising; exploring one of the supposed seven portals of hell; attending a zine fest; and using the Disney Land annual pass repeatedly as it closes in on expiring, and seeing a feral cat in the park!

Carrie’s approach to You Don’t Get There From Here is to illustrate the myriad of life experiences in a light, whimsical style that keeps the mood of the comic fun and entertaining even when addressing serious subjects like depression and Alzheimer’s. Carrie manages to balance the images and narrative of the comic nicely and package the whole thing in such a way to keep it enjoyable and interesting from cover to cover!

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