Devastating Roulette

Devastating Roulette is a 54-page anthology with full color covers written by Derek Adnams, art and letters by Brandon Bullock, Justin Wood, Adam Bryce Thomas, Derwin Roberson, and Garry Price. Published by Devastating Roulette Studios.

Within the hefty 54 pages are a wide assortment of tales from one writer and several artists. The stories told in Devastating Roulette include: an eternal being that leaves his mark on human history; a philosophical soul that finds himself balancing somewhere between master and slave; a quick glimpse of a monster that comes out at Halloween; a super soldier and a couple of kids that must fight a Nazi ghoul from the past to solve a mystery in the present; a short and funny look at a day-in-the-life of a demon; an aging super hero that gets his pink slip and decides to use his powers to regain what he once had; a creature biding its time deep under the sea; and a sculptor that dedicates his life to carving the perfect image!

Each story is unique and written in varying styles although all scripted by the same author. The art ranges from highly rendered detailed pieces to simpler, somewhat cartoony ones. All of the art is clean and polished and the lettering is clear and well placed within panels. A few of the pieces are full color while others are B&W and grayscales.

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