Vaxdor and the Intruders

Vaxdor and the Intruders is an 11-page, full color minicomic, written by Troy Vevasis and illustrated by Lee Milewski, with guest sketches by Cal Slayton, Anthony Wheeler, and Brenoon and Brian Fraim. Published by Troy Comics.

While traveling through the cosmos a band of space pirates dock with a ship. The green skinned, bug-like intruders assume the vessel is abandoned, but soon discover it’s occupied by the oldest, most powerful, and most dreaded being in the universe…Vaxdor! Soon the unwelcome raiding party find themselves fighting for their very survival!

Troy writes a short, action packed story of extraterrestrial combat that moves quickly from the onset to the conclusion. Lee’s art takes on an abstract quality that lends itself well to the alien theme and the warm colors used throughout the comic give the images depth solidity. Jump aboard and join the action in Vaxdor and the Intruders at and find more at and

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