Journey Into Madness

Journey Into Madness is a 32-page, standard size B&W horror comic with full color covers, written & illustrated by John Orlando, published by Outpouring Comics

Here’s a collection if six scary stories! In both “Worm Food” and “Vegetarian Burger” John serves up two dreadfully delightful dishes for your creepy cravings! Then we encounter an overzealous lab assistant in “Empathogen” whose treachery leads to an unexpected termination! Next, from out of the blue, fortune lands in Bob’s lap, but it comes with a price in “The Secret of Bob’s Success!” That’s followed by a tale of terror about a postal worker pushed to the edge in “Vengeance!” And finally a con man intent on bilking small town locals out of their money finds himself filling a very important spiritual position in “The Head of Hogarthsburg!”

All stories are constructed well with an edgy dark humor written into them. Lettering is clear and easy to read while placement of word balloons and narrative boxes are handled expertly. John’s renders the entire comic with bold, dramatic, and polished line work that nicely support the stories. He employs excellent variety in character design making all characters their own unique selves. His skillful use of spatial relationships and clearly defined action keeps these spooky stories moving with great pacing and terror filled timing! Each story has a unique subject wrapped neatly around horror themes that are sure to leave you frighteningly fulfilled!

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