Ivo Mortov, A Origem

Ivo Mortov, A Origem http://bit.ly/1Sx8kEQ is a 20-page, full size, B&W horror comic written and illustrated by Kiko Garcia, published by Kikomics Quadrinhos Independentes.

Ivo Mortov is the host of Kiko’s Catacumba horror comic series. In this standalone comic we’re treated to Ivo’s origin story! The rich and successful Ivo was once a man with it all, money, cars, women, and then one day god fell asleep at the controls and ol’ Ivo paid the price! Now god and the devil put their heads together and figure out a future for Ivo!

Kiko delivers another fun comic full of morbid humor and thick lines creating dramatic B&W scenes of debauchery and gore! You can discover the sordid background of Ivo for yourself in Ivo Mortov, A Origem at http://bit.ly/1Sx8kEQ and find even more from Kiko at http://bit.ly/1Srw4K0 and http://on.fb.me/1OAun6V

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1Sx8kET

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