Fred Brek

Fred Brek is a 36-page, standard size, B&W horror comic with color covers written and illustrated by Kiko Garcia, published by Kikomics Quadrinhos Independentes.

This time Kiko takes to the road to tell the tale of Fred Brek. Stuck in a car in the continuous traffic of Sao Paulo, Fred Brek suffers through the continuum of a traffic jam that has neither a beginning nor ending. Just the grueling traffic of a big city! Each page is labeled with the time rather than page numbers to give the reader a better appreciation of the frustration Fred endures through his long ordeal! Also, each page is broken up into nine identical panels with the central point of each panel being Fred in his car surrounded by traffic. The only thing that seems to change from panel-to-panel is Fred’s range of emotions and his grip on sanity! Kiko skillfully lays out this comic to really convey a sense of desperation and unyielding frustration!

Hop in the passenger seat beside Fred Brek at and drive over to and for more Kikocomics!

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