ALTER-LIFE Issue #1: Past Death

ALTER-LIFE Issue #1: Past Death Written by Caleb Thusat with artwork, coloring, and lettering by Katrina E. Kunstmann. Three variant covers by artists Blake Brady, George Patsouras, and Enzo Put.

It’s been a rough few years. Trapped in a dead-end customer service rep job, his wife and child recently killed in a tragic accident, Jake decides that he is just going to end it all.

On that day, at the very time and place he decides to kill himself, he is presented with a chance to bring meaning to his existence. Just as the meaning of his existence becomes clear, Jake is killed. The world goes black…

Suddenly, he finds himself standing at the very place and time he was before he died. Everything is different, but everything’s the same. This discovery will send him on quest for the truth about his past and the source of his new found abilities.

This is a tale of love and redemption. An everyman learning to live with past regrets and use his newfound power to bring meaning to his existences. Jake has the chance to find the perfect existence, become a hero, or sink to the lowest depths of humanity.

Throughout his quest to recover his lost family, he will find that the world he lives in is not what it seems. A startling discovery will turn everything upside-down and send him on a perilous journey for the truth.

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