Tales of Trolik #1: Kings and Spirits

Tales of Trolik #1: Kings and Spirits http://buff.ly/1RvmvKC is a 27-page, full color digital comic, written by Troy Vevasis and illustrated by Lee Milewski. Published by Troy’s Comics.

Here’s a fantasy story broken up into six chapters within this one issue. We start naturally enough at “The Beginning,” where our title character and his owl meet a face stealing spirit! Next the pair meet “The King of Oskin” and are rewarded, then sent to “The Legendary River!” Another spirit confronts the pair and a struggle ensues. On their way back to the kingdom of Oskin our heroes come face-to-face with “The king of Spirits!” Finally, Trolik and his owl, Sage, arrive back at Oskin but only in time for “The Invasion of Oskin,” and that leads to the climatic final chapter, “The Fall of Oskin!”

Each chapter rolls into the next with smooth transitions that keep the action moving along. The characters are all distinct individuals occupying their own places in this fantastical world where spirits dwell with the living. The art is original and makes great use of dramatic angular lines and earthy colors.

Travel into the land of Kings and Spirits at http://buff.ly/1RvmvKC

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/25ikYvJ

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