Blubber #1

Blubber #1 is a 24-page, standard size, B&W ADULTS ONLY comic with color covers. Written and illustrated by Gilbert Hernandez, published by Fantagraphics.

Gilbert Hernandez serves up six sordid stories involving sex, violence, and unrealized dreams. In a
“The Eyes of Mg Gaug” we meet an unfortunate, masturbating creature doomed to be preyed upon by the rest of the animal kingdom. Next we’re treated to “Doogs,” a silent tale of poop, mishaps, and eye socket copulation! Then we travel to Vegas with three friends and learn the hard truth of Sin City in “Las Vegas Lace.” After leaving Vegas we get an education on the wonders of evolutionary procreation in “Is The Happer Happy?” In “The Way of the Cloark” we get to indulge in penguin penises and poop! Finally Gilbert closes out Blubber with “Animal World,” a one pager about sex, madness, and death!

Blubber is a distinct change of direction from Gilbert Hernandez’s well known Love and Rockets series. In Blubber Gilbert appears to open the valve on his subconscious and let his repressed sexual fantasies flow in the forms of anthropomorphic characters and odd creatures! Some of the stories are silent, some aren’t. All of them are entertaining and twisted in a wonderfully weird way! The artwork is simple and mostly made up of scenes of various bizarre beasts engaging in explicit sexual activity and/or pooping!

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