The Unmentionables

The Unmentionables is a 40-page, oversize B&W comic, with color covers, written & illustrated by Jack Teagle, published by Retrofit Comics.

Lizard Woman and Vulturella square off in front of yelling fans, but something isn’t quite right. Vulturella, the heel, doesn’t pull any punches and pushes the match beyond its planned time limit. Lizz, the Lizard Woman, must really fight Vulturella in order to end this bout! After the three-count is finally made, Vulturella and some other heels leave the event and quickly get into some criminal activity. Now it’s up to Lizz, The Muscle, and Bea to right these wrongdoers!

The simple line art neatly balances out the fast paced action sequences in this jumbo wrestling comic. Dialogue and graphic detail are both kept to a minimum, giving way to dynamic fight scenes. Characters and backgrounds are given equal attention, and placement of word balloons and narrative boxes is handled aptly.

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