Alan Dracon #1

Alan Dracon #1 is a 32-page, standard size B&W comic with full color covers. Script and art by Stefano Martino, published by Amigo Comics.

Set sometime in the future, title character Alan Dracon is a bodyguard hired to protect the project heads of a lucrative government contract following the brutal murder of the former project leader. Dracon soon finds himself caught up in a corporate conspiracy involving murder, a giant monster, and bio-technology experimentation!

The story reads like a well written, old-school crime-noir tale. The action is set firmly in a futuristic world complete with a hard-nosed hired gun (Alan Dracon), a beautiful girl, and a mystery to unravel. The adventure moves along at a comfortable pace, sitting the reader up for a sinister curve! The art chores are delivered with impressive skill! Each page is a polished piece of art loaded with detail, well thought out compositions, and terrific visual (and sound) effects!

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