Indie Comics #1

Indie Comics #1 is a 48-page, mature themes, B&W comics anthology with full color covers, written & illustrated by Rick Bonn, Brad Olrich, Terry Cronin, Michael R. Carr, Paul Bradford, and Gary Scott Beatty (publisher & writer).

This genre adventure anthology is made up of six unique and exciting stories from a group of very talented indie creators. The action begins with the prehistoric survival story “ROHRR! Chapter 1: Why Did the Caveman Cross the Sea?” from Rick Bonn. Next up is “Maketch Girl,” an eldritch horror from Gary Scott Beatty. Following that we’re treated to “At Galaxy’s Core: Raid on Rectory VII, Part 1,” a Sci-Fi heist from Brad Olrich. Then comes “The Flame of Faith, Part 1: Sharp’s Mark,” a tale of bloodsucking women from Terry Cronin. And closing out this issue is “Silence,” a tale of swordplay from Michael R. Carr, and “Night Errant,” a diesel punk story from Paul Bradford.

One of the most appealing things about Indie Comics #1 is the diversity of styles in both art and storytelling. Each of the six short stories that make up this issue is a unique tale featuring well thought out plots backed up by superb art! The pieces range from fantasy, to science fiction, to horror. The styles in which these stories are illustrated also cross a wide breadth of rendering techniques, each different from the one proceeding it, and each a testament to the talent of the creative team that put it together! Indie Comics #1 really delivers on all levels!

The first issue is scheduled for preorder the end of this month in Diamond Comic Distributors’ June 2016 Previews catalog! Get on board and check out this great Indie Comics anthology at

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