Mineshaft #33

Mineshaft #33 http://bit.ly/1GokSIw is a 28-page, digest size, B&W comic zine with color cardstock covers published and edited by Everett Rand and Gioia Palmieri. Front cover by Mary Fleener & back cover by R. Crumb.

This issue of the neat comix zine Mineshaft includes: Excerpts From R. Crumb’s Dream Diary; “The Ward Porter” by Billy Childish; Jay Lynch’s “Nard n’ Pat;” Nina Bunjevac; Two centerfold sketchbook drawings by R. Crumb; William Crook Jr. on old Chicago Movie Palaces; Noah Van Sciver’s Sketchbook; Peter Poplaski; Christoph Mueller; Robert Armstrong; Rika Deryckere; Aaron Lange; David Collier; Henry Denander; Pat Moriarity; Curtis Eller; Bill Griffith’s ZIPPY; and plenty more!

This time around readers of Mineshaft are treated to a lot of indie art, a few underground comix, and a smattering of prose. Each piece is a unique and entertaining excursion into the counter-culture world of alternative media, far beyond what you’re likely to find in the mainstream. Mineshaft continues to assemble the best representatives of indie/underground talent around!

You can enjoy Mineshaft #33 for yourself and grab some earlier issues at http://bit.ly/1GokSIw

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1VdEXI5

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