Bat-Man is Lost in a Woods

Bat-Man is Lost in a Woods is a 32-page, digest size, full color, painted panels, comic written & illustrated by David Enos. Published by California Clap.

The world’s greatest detective and crime fighting hero is on a case that even he can’t crack. Bat-Man’s wife is missing! Yep, the caped crusader has a wife, but she has mysteriously gone missing and now the more analytical side of the dynamic duo is out in the remote countryside searching for clues. What he finds will be even more surprising than his recently revealed nuptials!

David Enos gives us the detective Bat-Man. The serious, no-nonsense, cowl wearing Adam West version of the Dark Knight that can’t be distracted from his investigation. The clues are all there but the pieces just don’t seem to fit no matter how determined Bat-Man is to make sense of the situation.

David’s writing reveals this version of Bat-Man to be a troubled soul plagued by guilt. As he continues his search Bat-Man recalls happier times with his wife, however those times turn out not to have been the romantic bliss that he’d like to remember them as.

The character study David treats Bat-Man with gives the reader a new and unique look at a familiar icon that makes him both more accessible and yet somehow further removed. The art brings a whole new element to the comic by portraying Bat-Man not as a muscle-bound, spandex wearing super hero, but rather as a troubled, ordinary man in a costume. The palette of faded pastels set against the cream colored pages also adds a lingering feeling of dread and despair that seem to follow Bat-Man through the comic.

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