Straitjacket TB

Straitjacket TB is a 112-page, standard size, B&W with spot colors, Trade Paperback written by El Torres & illustrated by Sebastia Cabot and Guillermo Sanna, with alternate illustrations by Nacho Tenorio, Sergio Mora, & Jaime Martinez. Published by Amigo Comics.

A young girl butchers her twin brother and ends up in a mental institution. Her new psychiatrist attempts to reach her through a riddle of unseen forces that appear to influence and guide her actions. Is she really able to maintain a connection with her dead brother on the “Otherside” that allows the two of them to fight evil creatures feeding on the sanity of the living? Or is she a criminally insane, delusional schizophrenic trying to game the system?

El Torres does a great job of slowly unfolding this tale of madness wrapped around the supernatural! The characters are well thought out and presented as unique, authentic individuals in settings that they fit into comfortably. The dialogue between the characters is believable and flows with a natural cadence that lends a sense of realism to the story. Guillermo Sanna and Sebastia Cabot handle the graphics with exceptional talent. The polished lines skillfully frame the drama created by the bold shadows, gray screens, white space, and aptly applied spot colors of red. Every detail is rendered with draftsman-like precision, creating a convincing world in which the characters live and the evil “Feeders” shimmer in blood red!

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