Zero Sum Bubblegum

Zero Sum Bubblegum is a 60-page, perfect bound, digest size, full color/B&W comic written and illustrated by David Robertson with Eileen Budd, Paddy Johnston, Tim Kelly, Neil Paterson, Ludi Price, and Pam Wye. Published by Fred Egg Comics

This is a great collection of all kinds of stories! David has really assembled an eclectic group of themes and art styles to fill the pages of Zero Sum Bubblegum. Each story is fairly short, so that means there are a bunch of different tales! Just some of the subjects encountered include: a deadly book; teaching responsibility poorly; the inability to avoid tiddlywinks; the death of a rodent; the karma of Ayn Rand; dealing with a new Windows upgrade; a brief history of the different incarnations of Frankenstein’s monster; early man lending a helping hand; memories of a childhood fright; funerary songs; princess Leia has issues with men; and meeting musical heroes and their passing! Like I said, there’s a bunch of different stuff in this comic! 

I found each story to be interesting and entertaining, even the ones I didn’t fully understand! Just the variety of subjects was a pleasure to read and kept me turning pages to see what was next! Likewise, the art spanned several styles too. Some stories are illustrated with simple, flat lines while others are more detailed and use varying weights. Some of the pages are also in color, while others are black and white. This is a real neat collection with plenty of diversity that’s sure to please! 

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